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If It’s Your Health

posted by constance

I remember there was a time where people wore a pendant that was suppose to help them improve their health and balance in their body. I wasn’t sure what it was but pretty soon, it came in other sorts of wearable stuff, like wrist chain and a belt too. Mom once handed me a round pendant, dark in colour but it was light, not like those that you saw in some shops where the metal was heavier. And there was once a friend told me about those that were made into cups for you to put water in them and drink for some health benefits. Do these things work and how does it work.. is it some kind of metal that we need to have in our body that eventually gets absorbed into our blood stream and then it sort of goes into our vessels? If it were made of titanium as some had told me, do they have titanium earrings because they would look really good if you were wearing some fashionable trend for a hard rock party. And if it can help in terms of health benefits, then it would be a great item to wear.


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