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What Will Be, Will Be

posted by constance

Not many may have realized what I had gone through the past two years. I’ve had a difficult year. TWO difficult years. When you go through difficult times, you are put through a ‘threshold’ of pain, stamina and endurance. How far and how much more can you take it. There were times when I found it difficult to hold on, and when I felt like giving up. But what made me decided to take it further one step at a time are the people who stood by me – my family who is always here, my sister and my dear friend CT whom never once faltered to lend me listening ears and financial assistance, without probing why and what.

I take September as my fresh new month where I sleep better too. I may be busy with unpacking but I cannot imagine if it is anything worst than the uncertainty I endured, the countless sleepless nights and what insecurity I had. I want to put it all behind me. And I am glad that during these times, I also managed to learn who are my closest friends, who stood by me and not waved me away to seek help elsewhere. I also met a few new friends who were really honest and had big hearts. I am blessed.

I do not know where life will take me from today onwards. I wish for the best, for myself, my family and also for the people who really cared for me. But I know my heart is lighter and my daughter who took my blood pressure readings, proudly said – Mommy, your blood pressure is normal, you are healthy! I am so happy!


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