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Miss You Much…

posted by constance

It is three weeks since we moved. I miss my home. I really do. Somehow inside me, I have sort of blocked off this home and I do not know why. Maybe it is the only way to block the pain. I miss the staircase up to the girls’ room. And I wept silently when my eldest told me few nights ago, she missed listening to me asking her to turn on the lights on the staircase, one thing I say so many times whenever we come back home at night. I also miss the view of the orange coloured swing set as soon as we open the front door. Those were gifts to my daughters when they were toddlers by my dear friend CT and she bought it knowing that the girls would enjoy swinging on them as they grow up. I also miss the messy cubby divider we had to leave behind because we had no space for it, in the new home. They held all the Polly Pocket toys and other miniature stuffs as well as the girls’ hair accessorries. I miss them all. My daughter told me she is still learning to forget this lovely place we call home even though it was only a little more than 6 years.

Weird but when I drive, I sometimes drive around aimlessly without a clue where my home is. I really have blocked off this location that I once drive to the location of the house before this place… Have you had such sad, emotional moments in your life where you miss the home you lived in?


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