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Won’t Get Lost

posted by constance

It was a nightmare to begin with. Days before the movers came. We had so much stuff to pack. TOO MUCH. The lady who quoted them said… I am certain you can’t fit them all into 2 trips of 15 feet mover’s truck. Oh No… she tapped her chin and looked on… Try 3 trips.

“Oh No!! But that would be costly… a trip nowadays goes by the rate of $350. That makes more than $1K for 3 trips!”

Sad to say, we do have too many things, AND, 3 trips did not make it. Prior to the mover’s day, we took countless trips driving our ‘barang-barang’ to make sure we will be able to let the Muscle Men carry the Big Bulky and Heavy items. But our books are heavy and we don’t have enough boxes that can fit them.. so we carried them ourselves too!

To cut the story short, we DID 4 trips in total, including our many many trips driving both cars, loading-unloading to our new home… My lesson? No more hoarding stuffs. I threw so many usable stuffs away because I couldn’t find people in time with transportation to get them. I also had to let go 2 3-door wardrobes, 2 chest drawers, a big divider cubby and lots of other stuff. We tried to ask the movers if he could do a favour to just charge us partial cost for the last trip but he said that the company had already invested in the best truck gps system to track them down to make sure they do not do additional jobs and pocket the profits themselves… They are traceable via gps.

  1. mott Said,

    wah… why so many things one..either that..or the truck sibeh small ler!!!!!!

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