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Salts of all kind

posted by constance

I am working at ‘break-neck’ pace packing up stuffs with the movers’ appointment getting nearer and nearer. Luckily I decided to do the space cleaning for the new place last week when I saw that one of the days were auspiscious day in the month, albeit 7th month. Before that I was hunting high and low looking for the most ‘natural’ sea salt in the supermarket and what I can find is mostly processed table salt, fine and coarse ones. I decided to surf the net to see if I could fine salt that is so natural like what my friend told me, with a rock-like substance.. And each time I come across sorts of table rock salt, from table rock golf clubs, ghost towns to even a beautiful scenic views of table rock real estate at on the net. And they make me feel like I would really like to forget all that moving house tension and pack up and go to this beautiful Table Rock Lake instead… if I could.


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