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Protection for All

posted by constance

I am trying to get the cable guy to fix or rather, transfer the my existing cable to our new place. Apparently the fellas say that we have no existing cable point so. Yes, so, full stop. That means we would have to 1. either get a cable laid which will cost us few thousand dollars, or 2. Get a satellite dish (poor fella would have to climb on the rooftop to fix it * get a high risk life insurance if they have such a thing* ) for cable TV (but that means we won’t have cable internet..) BAH. How terrible. So, we decided to cancel our Bintanghubby and go for the other subscriber instead. But that means I only will get my internet connected in the beginning of September. But that would be better that getting the new fibre broadband because they need 2 months to get around for the first appointment! Another BAH!


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