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My Last Bake

posted by constance


It feels like years since I last baked. I guess being busy means I get less time to do that. Each time I shop for groceries, my mind is never far from wanting to bake, bake, bake! Each time they put any kind of delicious butter up for a promo, I thought of storing up for my next bake. And each time when I walk past the baking supplier, I can’t help but pop in for a short while just to check out what kind of new paper cups or new decors for baking… I feel so deprived, not baking but what can I do.. I am so exhausted with work and even my off days are burnt with getting supplies, preparation or spending time with my kids’ homework or just having dinner with them, which I enjoy and will not sacrifice any thing for it.

I am lucky to have taken this photo, my last bake in March.. ( I wonder if I will succeed baking another one before the third week of this month). It is because I will be moving, by then. Different place with a new oven but I will miss this current oven (in picture above) having baked so many cakes, desserts, meals, cookies and bread in them? I also dried my tomatoes for homemade sundried tomatoes (which was so delicious). If there is no more last bake, then it’s farewell my little oven.


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