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A Place Called Home

posted by constance

I’m filled with sadness yet with emotions of relief at the same time. We are finally processing the sale of our home. A place I really call home, a place I do love to be after years of being a nomad-like person who moved from one place to another in search of a permanent place. For the time being, we have not found a permanent place yet, so an interim one on rental will have to do. So many decisions we had to make, especially when housing rules and regulations are being set now and more to come. We just had to make this timely decision, now or never. Our sale is being processed, and I’ll be out of this place in less then 2 months. I had this temptation to make an Address Plaque for every place I called home because they mean a lot to me. Even though in ten years time I no longer reside in it. At least I can have a piece of history to remind me of it, and perhaps a folder with photographs of the lovely place.

A potential buyer once came to view my home wanted it on the spot but when it was time to put in the deposit and exercise an option to buy, started criticizing my home of this and that. I was furious because, this is MY HOME and he had not bought it yet nor even place any deposit. What gives him the right to criticize it as if it were not worth. Then why is he so keen in my home. All in all, I found out that he actually didn’t have the money to buy and wanted to do a contra (sell his current then use the proceeds to get mine) and played cheat, by delaying the process so that other buyers can’t get to it till he settles his housing sale! Well, I’m afraid, I decided not to let him have the place in the end but chose another keen buyer. At least we are secured to complete a sale in the stipulated time, not having to drag and drag. Anyways, I’m relief that a chapter of this is finally coming to a closure. Will update.

  1. Nomadic Mom Said,

    Perhaps I must also have address plaques! If I were to count the number of addresses…. my ten fingers will not be enough!

    So are you all packed?
    Are you moving to a different suburb or country?

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