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Getting more high tech

posted by constance

I notice that the average security personnel that guards the ATM machine during a repair or upgrade or service times are usually the ones that is not our normal CISCO nor the ones that labels as POLICE. These armed guardsmen go by the name AETOS. They are trained to guard bank personnels when the need to top up cash at the ATM and they can be seen even during midnight when there aren’t much human traffic around since ATM machines are heavily utilised in the day. Sometimes I wondered if besides the usual arms like pistols and batons, do they carry those very high tech shooters that comes with holographic sights. These are specially designed arms that helps one to aim more correctly even thought the target is not quite aligned, as what I have read.. Can you imagine, instead of the usual classic guns people carry, high tech ones are now getting more advanced!

  1. uncle Lee Said,

    Hi, how you doin’? Been a long time. What you mentioned here is very interesting.
    Being someone who is familiar with guns since age 7, as well having guns at home, taken part in shooting competitions, and enjoys reading, studying, research about guns…..
    those ‘high tech holographic sight’s’….are more meant for clandestine operations by eg. the FBI or secret police, or a SWAT team….especially when there’s hostages involved.

    And in very serious, no alternative situations when a hostage’s life is in mortal danger, then, it is a shot to the head. It’s game over! The brain is what controls our body movements.
    Thus knock off the brain, person will in that split second be dead, with no chance of stabbing or shooting a hostage.
    Shoot anywhere else he will still be able to kill a hostage. Thus it will be, has to be a brain shot.
    This applies to assassinations of certain elements of society.

    Back to bank or ATM guards, they all mostly carry an automatic pistol or a revolver.
    This more as a deterrent factor than anything else. But regretfully, most are lousy shots. As some security companies do not spend money on much training where shooting is concerned. Bullets cost money.
    And these security guards will call the police in case of armed robberies, as the police are better trained to handle such situations. Or the Swat team when hostages are involved.

    Re high tech guns, yes…today a sniper rifle can kill from 1 mile away with very deadly accuracy with a .50 calibre bullet. Using specially made scopes for day and night vision.
    And the impact is like shooting a watermelon at 50 feet, it burst into hundreds of pieces. Thus the brain is the target.
    As well the object will be dead before he even hears the sound of the gun being fired.

    Just for your info, a person is not killed immediately when shot. It depends where he is shot and what kind of bullets used.
    As in light bulbs measurements known as ‘watts’. A bullet is known pending gun powder used, ‘FPS’. Feet per second’. Meaning when the bullet leaves the gun barrel.
    A fast 9 mm bullet at 1200 fps will go thru a body, most times leaving a wound, often not fatal.
    For best stopping power a .45 calibre bullet at 950 fps is good. Hit any part of body, subject gets thrown back.
    Best regards.

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