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Pawnshops on the Rise

posted by constance

I walked past the jewellery shop the other day. Nowadays there aren’t many people walking into the store. A friend told me that gold has appreciate so much that for what you paid last two years, you’d be paying much much more today. Instead of buying, some prefer to Sell Gold┬áto pawnshops since they fetch a good price. The advertisements are also getting more aggressive on TV and Newspapers, with many Mediacorp artistes endorsing the pawnshops of certain branding. It is not anymore a taboo nor negative to go into the pawnshops in this day and age. In fact, it is something that people prefer to do, as they get immediate cash plus low interest and they do not need paperwork for approval. Would you pawn your gold?

  1. uncle Lee Said,

    Hi, pawn my gold of whatever? Unless dead broke, no alternative.
    But will get it back asap, ha ha.
    And you’re right. Gold is reaching for the ceiling…..
    It never loses its lustre and value.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  2. constance Said,

    ahhh uncle lee, always the one with the lovely romantic story for bloggers… glad to see you here..

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