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When Suntec was like a Ghost town

posted by constance

September saw many business owners in town complaining about how poor their business is.. Well that is because, F1 was in town. Of course many people watched it – the hotels reported brisk business and high occupancy. However, business owners in Suntec City weren’t too happy about F1. Although it is an international event, it caused many road closures leading to Suntec City. Thus, the mall was virtually empty, saved for few shoppers and staffs. Business dropped drastically, even before the F1 because a month back, National Day events also saw road closures.. Many people, just like me avoided going there since there would be too many detour roads and closure and one becomes just unsure where to drive to. On the day of the F1 race, everyone cheered when a Ferrari zoomed past. Beautiful, just that I don’t think we are all rich enough to own any Ferrari, except for some Ferrari parts like knick knacks! I do wonder how it feels like to be sitting in that driver’s seat… cozy? Exciting? For now, I probably just look at those collectible toy car in the store… Would you like to own one? After all, IT IS A FERRARI too.


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