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Not Just Play, Jump into Play!

posted by constance

Although I’ve played the games on Xbox from my friend’s console, I do not own one. Neither do I own other games like Nintendo PSP or those cool Wii games. The only one I last purchase was of course the Sega which was like antique already… Even the game cartridges (yes.. CARTRIDGES) look so.. outdated and horribly shameful in this millenium age!

Games I play nowadays are basically online ones via internet. There are many enough and you can play them in endless fashion, with yourself, family, friends or even strangers online! However one thing that drew me to attention recently was reading about a new Xbox 360 250GB Console. Suppose to be better, leaner and faster of course, it also offer one a seamless controller free feature which is called kinect ready. This word, Kinectic, by defination is about motion. .Being kinect ready in this cool Xbox means all about letting you do cool stuffs like control your video, games at the wave of the hand! Really cool, right? A cool thing about it is, jump right into a football game with your family member! It involves sensor, motion and you are in control. It also comes with built in WiFi connectivity, a large 250GB Hard Drive, Xbox LIVE ready, which means you can connect with you Facebook friends, Twitter and more cool things.

I wonder if my local cable TV is offering such a cool device if I recontract my broadband and cable subscription… they do offer good things in a bundle with recontract, you know.


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