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Car Accident

posted by constance

More than a month ago, I had an accident. My car hit the bumper of another car in front, travelling at snail’s pace of probably less than 30km/h at that time in a road diversion traffic jam. Frankly, it wasn’t a hit. It was merely a nudge. The driver got out of the car and insisted that a small dent on the top part of the bumper was my doing. My registration plate couldn’t even reach the top of the bumper he pointed to. I figured this is one fella who tries to take advantage of such a situation and try to claim MORE than that. There was not a single scratch on the accident spot, none on mine either. How could this cause such an impact till the top of the bumper is affected.

A few weeks later, a lawyer’s letter came, with him wanting to claim almost about 7k of a boot job. I have no energy to fight this case, but left it to my insurance agent to handle it since they are the best people to. I had pictures for proof but what transpired between all the parties is something I just give up. Let them claim what they want. I’ve paid my insurance yearly and if the agent thinks I’m wrong then I don’t really bother. Why get an insurance policy and have to fret over too many things.. If they don’t help me proper then, I will just browze for other companies if one can offer better service and packages that are value for money. I have no idea what my renewal insurance package will be next year and I am not sure if I want to find out now.. Perhaps I can just sell away that darn car by next year.

  1. mott Said,

    What ??!!! 7k!!!! Is he mad??!!! Gosh…this guy can get a whole new boot, instead of knocking it back!

    You’re very calm and collected.. I shall remember this..just pass it on to the insurance. 😀

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