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How the Kindy Kids learn about Money

posted by constance

In the second part of kindy, the kids get to go to the supermarket because they are learning all about money. My daughter, like her elder did last time, got to visit supermarkets with their classmates during school hours to shop for things within a budget. It is not the same as going to the supermarket with mom because going with the classmates and teacher is so much fun.

I know it is fun because I see kindy kids in the supermarket very often in the second semester.. Many schools adopt this hands on method. They get to bring some money to buy something/s of their choice but they also have to do the summing up themselves.

In the classroom itself, I saw that a small section of their class is also being built into a small mini market, all complete with toy grocery products, a cashier counter and even a toy barcode scanner! Shopping trolleys and baskets (for kids) line up just outside the entrance and the kids get to play with ‘monopoly’ money and an assigned cashier child does all that packing and calculating…

How fun..


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