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POS for Business

posted by constance

It can be a daunting task whenever I need to check for supplies at work. It’s basically manual counting and this takes up some of my precious time. During business operations, I take the orders manually and write them on available counter space using a white board marker.. I have to mark all the special requests and repeat the order to the cook because special requests are not as simple as I thought… But I remember during my school days working part time waiting on tables, we used those Restaurant POS Systems at the order counter whenever a customer comes to order the food. Sometimes we also have the handheld ones that we use during operations that needed service.

This is actually not a difficult piece of modern technology.. in fact, they work something like a cash register. The only different is that you can carry the portable ones with you. No need for heavy bulky registrars. An order is keyed in and in the kitchen, a person receives the same info as this order is printed out and replicates what I have. No one misses the order using such POS equipment and we do not even need to step into the kitchen unless the order has some extra special requests that needed to be looked into. Best of all, you do not need to worry about too much calculating because the POS does everything for you.

I wonder if such a system is available for small businesses because those POS systems are quite costly, need some basic training and guidance… And what about post sales support? Are there one?


When Wrong becomes Right

posted by constance

It was a wrong turn that brought me to this industrial location yesterday. I wanted to look for this shop that sells car accessories. A friend recommended to me because they sell them at very good and reasonable price. I was told to look for a large warehouse that sells swimming pool supplies but I just didn’t know what to look for, really. No important landmark because every building in that area looks somewhat similar, those flatted factories. In the end, I got frustrated, gave up and that brought me to a wrong turn, going back. So what happened? That wrong turn found me drove towards this shop and how relieved and glad I was… guess the man up there does listen, eh?

After buying my stuff and getting my aircon filter changed, I had a cuppa coffee at the nearby al-fresco cafe and had a wonderful ‘me’ time.