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Waterfront Living, literally

posted by constance

I read about the most expensive property sold in Sentosa Island the other day. Bought by a buyer from China, it is by far the highest paid ever in Singapore alone, at $36m! I wonder what the buyer does for a living.. To buy a property in Sentosa, one has to meet many strict regulations of course. A waterfront living is a dream come true for many of us and Sentosa has really nice view that has the sea meeting the sky.

In Singapore alone, one can’t really get a nice view of the sea because the place is just so saturated with tall buildings. The other option of course is to buy a nice little yacht or boat that you can lived in. Of course you also need a parking space, for the boat to berth in. Several marina clubs offer this facility. I know two friends who do not own flats nor any property because they live on their boats. After a day of work in the city, she comes home to her boat house, not a small one but like a nice 4 bedroom apartment sort. In the weekend, they sometimes sail to nearby island, so wonderful, don’t you think so? Doesn’t this option sound attractive? If I had an option to buy a property in my next life, I’d buy a boat instead of an apartment. Not sure if banks offer mortgage loan for such but this website, offers many FAQs regarding such financing which you may find useful while shopping for a right loan. Can you visualize breakfast in the sunrise, romantic dinner at sunset and lots of fishing trips hopping other islands in your weekends? I can… almost hear the water lapping on my door front already.


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