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There’s more to it than a cute dog

posted by constance

Dogs are cute. Maybe I should rephrase it. Other people’s dogs are cute. My kids just love dogs by my neighbours, their schoolmates and those who are walking their dogs in the neighbourhood. They just do not know the full commitment one has to bear should they get a dog. I know cos I grew up with a half a dozen, more than allowed required numbers.. I adored them too but it gets harder to maintain them, feed and all the things you need to do like doctors visits and yearly vaccination or care for them when they get sick. And when they are not with you, you get miserable big time cos they are part of the family too. That was why I didn’t really encourage my girls to get a pet dog. Firstly, we do not have a garden because we live in an apartment. And we simply do not have time to bring the dog for walks as we are out for work most part of the day. It may be cute to see a dog all dolled up or dressed in tuxedo walking past us but there’s a lot more than that. Perhaps when they are much much older and will want to bear the responsibility themselves, then I’ll allow it. I know if we get a dog now, it will be my responsibility…

  1. Doreen Said,

    My dad is a dog lover…even rears half a dozen! But I never like dogs… especially when they come near and sniff or lick me!! They stink when my dad got lazy to bathe them… yucks…. 😛

    Doreen’s last blog post..G + C2 = S

  2. constance Said,

    i agree, they stink when you don’t bathe them often…and they also need to have their teeth brushed! hahahhaha

    constance’s last blog post..Waterfront Living, literally

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