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Need an idiot manual for mp3 player

posted by constance

My first mp3 after so many donkey years.. Not mine, actually. Rae pestered me for the past two years for an ipod or something close.. but those thingy are just not in my budget. I decided that I would get her the kube or cube that is being sold in 7-eleven stores. It is supposed to be a very small mp3 player costing no more than $50. I popped by the store last week to get some Slurppy and I saw a limited edition Magnum mp3 on promotion if you get a Magnum ice cream bar… I remember I got a unique Magnum thumbdrive a year ago so I thought this would be nice and unique for Rae. Less than $35, very cheap. I decided to get one for her and perhaps load some of her music/songs first and give it on her birthday. But guess what? I do not know how to drive an Mp3 nor understand it…sigh. It took me so much trouble just to insert the very tiny micro sd into the thumdrive looking usb thingy firstly. I must really be getting old since I am so not very ‘smart’ about these stuff! hrmmmphhhh


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