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Crows Feet Woes

posted by constance

When you start to notice the changes in aging, it can be a little disappointing. I am so busy that I hardly have time to care about my skin recently. Although I buy those home masks, when I get home, I just want to take a hot shower, and get to sleep soon. No time to do all those stuff like filing and doing up your nails, brush your hair till it shines, apply moisturiser in every possible spot except the T Zone and all the things one does when one has too much time. LOL. So in the morning, I only have time to apply my day moisturizer quickly after my morning shower before I head to work in the wee hours. Tired, sleepy and not registering what I see is what my morning is like. So you can imagine how shocking when you finally get to view yourself in a fully lighted mirror that you have crows’ feet at the end of your eyes! Can someone recommend me a good wrinkle remover that can be erased almost immediately? Eye gel or moisturizer? Which is better or are they the same? Help..


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