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Ring for Business

posted by constance

Our stall front has only limited equipment. Our preparation is done in the main part, the kitchen and this kitchen is located in the middle of the shophouse, right after the airwell, very much like the Straits Chinese kind of home. Our stocks are also stored in one of the two fridge/freezer so if to stock up, I have to run in very quickly and back. Sometimes my ‘Boss’ chef is busy with preparation of his ‘mise-en place’ so when I need to call out to him, I have to yell from the small window that divides the front and the back of the shophouse. This, soon got me very frustrated as I have to do that very often when we have customers in and out all the time. Months after doing this same thing and yelling out for orders, I decided to get a doorbell¬†instead. Well, to make things easy, all I need is to press the remote that I have and the main doorbell unit placed on top of the fridge will sound ‘Ding-Dong’ very loudly, TWICE. That certainly solves everything and soon he’ll be on the way to the front. And I don’t have to use my voice as much as I am CERTAIN it is getting thinner and thinner and soon, I’ll lose my voice. LOL


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