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Lasting Lights

posted by constance

Last week, Ah Boy and I went into a shop selling all types of lighting. We wanted to look for lighting that blinks or has some nice effects. We thought of those fairy lights that most people use for festive occasions but those are not really the type that are hard wearing. Those probably needed more change of bulbs often. We saw some new lights that do not use the normal bulb nor fluoresant types. In fact they are LED lights and is expected to be brighter and last longer too. Nowadays, there are more LED lights available, even in torches and campfire lights or lanterns. I saw a cool looking one but it turned out that it was a pond light
and is more for outdoor area. One thing that has been on my mind is those round ball of light like those you used to see in the 70s or the type hanging in a discoteque. I wonder if I can find some of these mini ones to hang from a small counter top? Can lightings be bought online via post? Any idea?


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