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A Movie to Watch

posted by constance

My girls have started their school holidays. It will be for almost a month. Yesterday was the school’s Founders Day and they had a picnic to commemorate this occasion, followed by a Parents Meet Teachers Session. I didn’t attend since the timing is not right for me and I was at work. I told my girls that even it is holiday, it would be good to do some revision and I hope she does. I do intend to bring my eldest to the movies one of these days but I can’t find anything good in the cinemas that we can watch together. Not too sure if I should bring both together or not. Both tend to look for the washroom every now and then so I must make sure that we are seated closer to the exit signs or washrooms for easy access. My girls hardly go to the cinema, compared with me in my younger times. Perhaps it is because everything is now accessible on the tube or the DVD and cheaper than watching a movie in the cinemas. There are a few screenings in 3D now so I wonder if i should bring the girls for those.


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