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Some Things Just Happen

posted by constance

Sometimes life hits you differently when you least expect it. From afar, I saw a male friend few days ago. He was a good friend of mine. In fact, he was my best friend’s ex-spouse. They had broken up two years ago because of some differences after being married for about 7 years. I found it hard to believe when it happened. I was affected just as much because we are close friends. She had sought depression treatment¬†after the breakup and till now she sometimes get to a low emotional level when certain things trigger it. I wish there is something I can do. She now reads alot, to overcome many of her troubles and most of what she reads give her some comfort to her. Many of her readings are Buddhism teachings and Confucious’ wisdom phrases and philosophical stuff. I hope they help to ease all her troubles and time to heal her pain.


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