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On the Contrary

posted by constance

Tiger year. Many of my friends, including myself sigh. We all felt that this year is just not a good year. Few of my friends met wth small accidents and various personal problems. However, I do see that there are quite a few couples who seemed to be having kids in this year alone, which is a pleasant surprise. I received several photo birth announcements a month ago. More on the way in the next few months. In the previous years, many would think twice about having a girl in this year. However, I find that quite a few of my friends are all born in the Tiger year. Many of them travelled far and wide and are successful in what they do. Top it all, they are all females. They work hard and they do play hard too. Very independant and firm in their own decision.

So, there isn’t all bad about this Tiger year. Start a family, by all means. Tiger children are bountiful joy, I am sure. My friends have proved it right.


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