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My youngest daughter is always on her pranks. There was once when I was taking a bath, she held a conversation with me from my room to where I was in the shower over the top of our voice. I told her I could hardly hear her since I have the shower running.. She then said, “It’s ok, Mummy. I will wait in your room and tell you when you come out in a while.” I told her ok and continued with my shower. When I finished, I called out to her, “Hey, you still there?” She answered, “Yes Mummy, lying on your bed!”

Guess what I saw when I came out from the bathroom? I thought my eyes played some tricks on me.. I saw ‘her’ but in a weird way, lying at the foot of my bed… There ‘she’ was.

is this lea

Look at the pic I took in amazement! Wonder if she will be even more creatively tricky when she is older?


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