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Tricky Calls

posted by constance

I still don’t understand how I can receive ‘cold calls’ from strangers trying to sell me insurance premiums and etc. I don’t really give my personal mobile numbers to just anyone. I heard that some people collects numbers of people they know and release that to some telemarketing company and earns some profit.. How true I really do not know but I do dislike those sales people calling me and asking me how many credit cards I own or telling me that I’d been ‘specially’ chosen to receive some special offer of some premium.. How tricky… I’d rather ask for insurance quotes on my own than to have these people trying to get my personal information by pretending to go ahead to ask how many cards I own, and the like! Sometimes I just ask them, if they have my number, and if they are truly authorized by the bank why do they need to ask me for such information. This usually leaves the people on the other line baffled and speechless for some few seconds.. HA!


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