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Joint Pain

posted by constance

I am still on that search for a glucosamine, perfect for me. The type that I need must NOT have any sulphur or sulphur based in it. Many of these glucosamine that is sold in pharmacies has sulphur and I am allergic to it. It gives me hives and it will not go away unless I am on medication for at least half a year! Depressing indeed, I have had two encounters with it because I just had to have a go at eating oysters, the fresh and raw type. Lately because I am feeling some pain in my knee, many of my friends started recommended me this glucosamine cream to apply to counter the pain. Not sure how it works, compared with the oral type but I am going to try and get a tube of it soon. Hope it helps my poor aching knee, probably my cartiladge depleting soon…


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