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Don’t Hog My Way, Salesgirl!

posted by constance

I dislike those sales girls that trail you hoping to get you to buy their products. Acne creams, wrinkle creams, eye bag gels, facial moisturisers, shampoos and etc. Most of the time they hog your way and even tell you some nasty things about your skin so that you will end up buying their stuff because you believe that when they tell you your skin looks horrible, you just got to buy some kind of their products that they claim will work on you. Sounds familiar? Well, this method of hard selling seems to be staying because there I was, in a supermarket hoping to check out on some new shampoo and this lady just wouldn’t budge out of my way. She kept saying that my pigmentation will not go away unless I use this product she is selling… I ignored her and she rattled on and on and on. Irritating it was although I was a little curious over this body acne treatment she has among the products. But I ended up not even going near because I could almost feel her breath on my neck… Some privacy she is giving me…


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