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I would have loved to buy all the fruits that are on sale at the supermarket. Rock melons at $2.95, Mangoes at $1.00 each, Fuji Apples, Grapes, Korean Strawberries and that odd Custard Apples and Chikus. The only thing that is stopping me are that my fridge is so full. They are filled with prawns for work, vege for work, containers of stock, chilly sambal and so much more. And the other thing that is stopping me from buying is that I have no time for fruits. But if you ask me to choose between food and fruits, chances are I will choose the latter. After all they are all natural vitamins and sugar. Lately I have not have much appetite for food but fruits are still alright for me. Guess they are really a good source of sugar, fibre and also vitamins. One can always get carbo from bananas, vitamins from various fruits and vegetables and fibre from most as well. Perhaps it is good for us to go on a fruit diet too, eh. Can do alot to your complexion too!

  1. claire Said,

    hi Constance, good morning!
    Coming by to keep in touch with u and keeping up with your posts.. may i know the secret to where u get them? i would like to share something with u too! hope u can contact me at my email in my blog.. thanks!

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