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Tea for Weight Control

posted by constance

This lady at work asked me to buy two boxes of tea for her from the chinese medical hall. It is not the normal kind of tea. It is a slimming tea that she had been taking for a month. I’ve seen teas like those but of a different brand but somehow, I’ve never thought of buying them. Herbal teas that makes you purge, I’ve tried.. LOL but those that helps you to slim down, I’ve not.

How does such tea works, I wonder? Does it help to ‘wash’ or remove the oil in our body or does it belong to the category of foods that burn fat? I know there are capsules taken orally that do help you to burn fat, increase metabolism and some even blocks fat, sugar, oil –¬†useful for when you have this ‘high’ on sugary stuff.

Anyways, I hope it works for my friend, or at least – it helps her think more positively towards weight control. It was only after years of cajoling that she finally decides to loose some weight (according to her bosses and colleagues) with this tea she is taking. Good luck, Ah Hao!


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