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Goodbye Umax

posted by constance

While spring cleaning a large cupboard at home, I found my old scanner. Boy, this one is so dated but it was really well used in the 90’s. I used it to scan negatives, positives and all sorts of photographs and prints for work and home. It had a usb port but in those days, I didn’t even use it. My Mac had no usb port yet! I think it was just a SCSI cable that I used to fix onto my big hard disk. It was a UMAX scanner and in those days, this is the brand that many designers would find reasonable in price and good for work. It came with a CD ROM with a scanning software to install and one could even do some editing on it but most of the time, I just imported the scanned pix onto photoshop as I needed to do more advance photo editing. Ah Boy asked me to bring it to Cash Converters and I did.. guess what happened.. they didn’t want it so I just dropped it into the big trash bin outside the shop.. It was hard letting it go but I just had to. Too many things had piled up at home. Besides, no one uses such scanner anymore.. Good Bye, Umax.


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