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Not Much Help

posted by constance

I received an email from Dell if I wanted to extend my system warranty when it ends.. gosh I really am not into extending them because since my desktop had problems, they did not even help me to solve my desktop problem at all. All I had was that ding-dong process from their technicians to ask me to try this and that. I would have preferred the technicians to come over to my home to help me out since I really don’t know what I was doing.. It was so tiring and I am not very PC savvy. Why did I even bother paying for their warranty when my pc problem wasn’t even solved. Now my desktop sits like a big white elephant, dormant, unused, collecting dust downstairs. Lucky thing I have my laptop with me or I won’t be able to post this at all. I have old copies of original softwares so now I am comtemplating getting those refurbished laptops because I really do not have those meant for Vista or the new Operating System Windows 6.5 at all.

I heard the new ones come with new operating softwares, but does that mean I have to buy new upgrades again? Can’t afford, man!


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