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Just a Cake Pic.. Ice Cream Cake Pic

posted by constance


I’ve lots of photos taken on Rae’s birthday taken in Swensen’s Ice Cream Restaurant. But I am just totally flabbergasted by the long winded way of having to upload my pics on to wordpress via photo bucket, the reason is because of my wordpress version and the horrible bug on upload image thingy.. sigh.. so I ended up just uploading this Ice Cream cake (Firehouse Happy Birthday) with compliments to the birthday girl .. there was just a tiny little candle in the middle of the cake.. well, I guess we do not want to have to drink our ice cream if the candle were longer and lighted longer too.

Guess who ate most of the ice cream? Me! Well they were all full with their dinner meals so they mostly took small spoonfuls of them. Gosh, I need to weigh myself now..

  1. Dora Said,

    hey I missed Swenson ice cream a lot! This one looks real nice 🙂 If I started a spoon, I just couldn’t stop it! hehehe 😛

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