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Gym or Poppers

posted by constance

I opened the door to my regular Yakult delivery Aunty yesterday and she told me that I’d lost a lot of weight! Well, I didn’t know how to handle her comment, frankly.. should I be happy or should I be embarrassed? She asked me if I’d been working out because my arms looked lean.. That got me laughing so hard, actually. Give me a choice of gym equipment or fat burners, and I rather pick the latter! I’m terrible with equipments and all I did was starting work and carrying many 10-litre stock pots everyday, okay? That certainly equate to working out my arms like those 10kg weights you see in the gym. And all that walking certainly equals to doing fitness brisk walking at the park.. So I guess I have been doing involuntary ‘gym’ workout everyday, huh?

  1. Rose Said,

    Turning your work or house into a gym?? :p

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  2. Tammy Said,

    I’m not much for exercising. Chasing after kids is plenty of exercise for me. LOL

    Tammy’s last blog post..Heads Or Tails # 109

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