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Kids and their Teeth

posted by constance

Last Wednesday, I decided to send my girl to a private dentist instead. She had two fillings done, one on a baby tooth that will only come off about 11 years of age and one molar that is permanent. The ones provided by her school doesn’t seem to be as frequent and effective as I thought. In the last holidays, the dental nurse had to cancelled her appointment and they have not even replaced with a new appointment yet, and it’s been almost 6 months. I decided not to wait and send her to a private dentist. For what I didn’t get in my younger days, I want to make sure that my daughters get the best dental care at their young age to prevent unnecessary woes since our teeth will be with us till we live to any ripe old age. I took her to a reputable dentist at Yew Tee that has moved to a new impressive building. Before that I had been surfing around and reading up on cosmetic dental care such as one southpark dentist by the name of Dr Farley Dr Farley is one dentist who even takes photos of his patient’s teeth to document his dental work! He had progressed from ordinary photographs to professional portrait photography he took up to fulfilled his passion in dental photography!

  1. Rose Said,

    When you start sending your kids to dentist? At what age they should start getting their teeth check?? 7 years old??

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  2. constance Said,

    I think the best time is when their milk teeth starts to drop.. this way, the dentist can check if their molars are in the best dental health..

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