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ION Orchard

posted by constance

Since the opening of ION Orchard, I have not gotten any chance to even step foot in it. Sprawled within stone’s throw from the junction of old time fave buildings like Wisma Atrium, Wheelock Place, Isetan and CK Tangs, ION Orchard looks really magnificent. It was designed and built by leading architecture firm Benoy, whom had been building iconic malls like the BULLRING in Birmingham. ION Orchard is built with nature as inspiration so gone are those stat board steel buildings that used to grace the Singapore skylines. I’m dying to see what is in there even though everyone tells me that the average food price in their food court can cost as much as $10 each… compared with the average $4.50 around shopping malls in other Orchard malls. Well, I’m sure their rental rate is among the highest in the location since this is a very new entry in our well known shopping street in Singapore. You can expect to find many new brands and also leading brands of the world here, as well as your neighbourhood Bengawan Solo if you are into that kueh craving mood. If you are one of those fashionistas, you’ll be delighted to find many things here. You can get impeccable concierge service as well as various free cell phone charging too. And the public toilet – among the poshest in the malls.

So, anyone has been in there yet?


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