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Male Fashion for Ladies

posted by constance

I was waiting for my girl while she had her dentist appointment when I started to browze on the magazines on the shelves. It had been a long time since I last read any magazines, especially those on fashion and beauty. It was a change of such magazines at the dentist because for once, the magazines were those for men, rather than for women. Do dentists read fashion mags for men? Where’d they get all these. I used to like to check out those smart GQ mags in my teens, because I just love those nice fitted-tailored jackets and mens tuxedo in men’s magazines. The way the textures and coloursĀ are put together are just so wonderful. I’d then bring these smart styling pictures to an elderly tailor to get him to do something similar for ladies. I also liked matt or semi matt stuff a lot though I have an eye for shimmery ones now. Aging woes?


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