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Is it worth buying?

posted by constance

Rae’s science projects has gotten her interested in gardening lately. She wants to start planting seedlings and grow her own flowering plants. She asked me to buy her some pink flowers in a pot recently at a pasar malam we went to in the last few nights. I asked the lady and she told me that each of those pots of flowering plants cost $8. I thought that was kinda like daylight robbery. I’ve seen these flowers grown in many common places before and I just don’t seem to want to part $8 for those. I know Rae was kinda disappointed so I explained to her that perhaps she should start growing flowers from seeds since it is just for the experience. Seeds in a packet are much cheaper too.. I know she is impatient but it is the result that will be rewarding. Buying a grown plant with flowers just isn’t worth the effort…



See, these are the flowers she wanted. I took these pictures from my mom’s garden in our last trip to Penang in March. I am pretty sure I can find these plants growing commonly all around.. They even come in purples too. Pretty ones from my mom’s garden!

  1. Ryan mami Said,

    I would prefer to grow from seeds… seeing them growing bigger each day from seeds to plants would be more satisfying than buying those ready for sale… 🙂

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  2. NomadicMom Said,

    Errr… I was just telling H that I need to get out to the nursery to buys some plants for my garden!
    Think my fingers NOT that green to grow from seeds lah.

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