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Feet Support

posted by constance

For the past two months, Ah Boy complained of his painful feet. It is not at the arch of his feet nor is he flat-footed. When he was younger, he had a fracture that did not show signs of stress until now, that he is a little overweight, it is taking a toll on him. He can feel a stab between his forth and fifth toe. He complains of these pain if he is on his foot whole day long. As someone who works in the F&B, he cannot avoid but has to be on his feet almost the whole day during peak hours except doing paperwork in the mornings and evenings.

After a trip back to Penang, and seeing how his sis actually got a customized in-sole done for her aching feet, he decided to have one done too. Off we went to the mall on Sunday to check it out. After the consultation, he had his feet scanned by the computer scale and now he just need to wait for the inner support sole that is to be fitted into the insides of his shoe.

I know many a times he had longed to wear the beautifully crafted Dansko shoes and clogs for Chefs. But I hope after months of putting on this inner support sole, it helps to get rid of the stabbing pain on between his third and forth toe.

  1. claire Said,

    hi Constance.. i agree with u .. ping pong biscuit no more producing la.. all red in colour mostly and also if grey, they said we do not meet with the requirements…right? so where did u get yours from nowadays?

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  2. jepunlauee Said,

    hope he is feeling better now..

  3. Tammy Said,

    My husband has to wear insoles in his shoes because of his feet.

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  4. Rose Said,

    All the best to Ah Boy!

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