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Penang Has Nasi Kandar

posted by constance

In the mornings while on my Penang vacation, I’d passed by this outlet Mohd Raffe. This shop is where I used to have my weekly Nasi Kandar more than 2 decades ago. I am not sure if this sign had been around since then because I never paid attention but they were certainly one of the best Nasi Kandar I had in my location, at that time.

Nasi Kandar can be found all over in Penang and is an Indian Muslim fare. Something similar to Nasi Padang where you get to choose your dishes on a plate of rice but the way their Fried Chickens and their curries are cooked, there is distinctive in taste and use of spices of course.

Nasi Padang is a Minang cuisine that originates from Sumatra while Nasi Kandar is more distinctively Indian and originates from Penang, Malaysia.

I find the Nasi Kandar milder than the Nasi Padang as usually a meal of Nasi Padang will leave me to search for the best acne treatments online. While I was back in Penang, I noticed that there are now many outlets that are selling Nasi Kandar all over town. Among those, from friends’ recommendations, Kayu Nasi Kandar is one of the good and recommended ones.

Any of you had tried any others?

  1. Angeleyes Said,

    I don’t have any preference though… all taste almost the same coz with all the sauce campur-campur hor… hard to tell lioa! 😛

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  2. JO-N Said,

    Loved nasi kandar when I was in Penang but now, I don’t go into nasi kandar shops anymore for the kids’ sake.

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  3. Ellyn Said,

    mmm…I miss the nasi kandar that open at nite only and near with a Ambank in Penang.

  4. Ryan mami Said,

    Erm…I think that Mohd. Raffee became a hang out place for party goers to have supper at midnight…shhh, I did hang out there wt my ah lao (that time bf only) there and that was about 8 yrs ago liao…hehe.

    I think there are a few more Nasi Kandar such as Pelita, Subaidah etc. I seldom eat at these places as I don’t think their food really nice. I believe the left over food was reheated on the next day!

    I know there’s a nice place for banana leave (Indian food whereby they use banana leave as a plate) in down town near the Beach street. Their curry is VERY spicy!

  5. cHrIstInA_YY Said,

    Hehe, I tried most of the Mamak stalls in Penang, the Mohd Raffe is the one in Pulau Tikus right? I’m not sure how does the Nasi Kandar taste like cause I used to have capati whenever I go to mamak stall!!! =D~

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