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My Pink Bakes

posted by constance

Did any of you see my recent postings at my food blog? Well i’ve been baking all pink the past week! Before long, I will have to rename Fad About Food to Fad About Pink! The latest bake was an Oreo cheesecake and I did a Pink frosting using Pink food colouring and Raspberry Jam! The tangy frosting was really nice and the girls love it!


Just today alone, I went to get Grape flavoured paste as well as Orange ones… I can’t wait to try out the new colours! I still have not tried baking the 9 layer cake yet.. (Kao Chan Kueh). And there are so many things I want to try too. I wonder if this phase will continue till when? Perhaps till I’m broke! Cake ingredients are super expensive. Butter, Whipping Creams and Cheese are all very costly nowadays.

Do you like to cook?

  1. Kikey Loo Said,

    do u eat them or sell them?
    i scared will get FAT?:p

    Kikey Loo’s last blog post..Imperial War Museum

  2. tintin Said,

    Constance, what kind of food colouring u using?? The pink cake look just lovely..and i wish to bake for my daughters too..

    tintin’s last blog post..My Car Of Almost 7 yrs

  3. constance Said,

    kikey – i eat some.. sometimes i bring to my girl’s school during lunch to give to the parents. lol

    tintin – i used the Star brand pink colour. this one should be available in Msia too because when I was young, my mom used the vanilla essence of the same brand too.

  4. Rose Said,

    I did drop by ur food blog today! Nice cake, and sure kids would love it. I am not so much of having sweet tooth! :p

    Rose’s last blog post..Why cannot zzzzz till the next morning?

  5. Dora Said,

    I love to eat but cooking err… not really just yet… Love to see ur Kao Chan Kueh, I like this kueh so much. Yummy yummy 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..My Virtual Tour

  6. NomadicMom Said,

    I think for me ah… got mood to bake one lor….
    And yes. I agree that baking ingredients are expensive!!!
    Worse when sometimes, I have the mood to bake, but no ingredients…so go out to buy the cheese etc, then come home…no mood liow. No mood. No mood, until cheese also expire liow.

    NomadicMom’s last blog post..Sick??

  7. Angeleyes Said,

    wah… this one looks yummy! Too bad I’m not a cheese person…. 😛

    Angeleyes’s last blog post..Japanese Sweet Potato Broiche

  8. Tammy Said,

    That looks delicious!

  9. JO-N Said,

    Oh Constance, it looks like your passion is growing fast! Lovely pink!

    JO-N’s last blog post..Hey, He’s Calling You!

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