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Yayy for Night Polyclinics

posted by constance

I passed by the polyclinic the other day. It was brightly lit. At night too. I always thought that polyclinics were only opened during the day but it seemed that in the last few years, some of the polyclinics started to expand medical services to evening too. I thought that is a good idea because polyclinics are more affordable for many compared to private clinics. The polyclinics in Singapore are efficient and the subsidized prices are great. If one need to see a medical specialist, it is advisable to go to the polyclinics for referral because you will get a subsidized price at the medical specialist. Of course it will take you some visits to the poly’s GP first because they need to make sure that the treatments they provide need the specialist treatments first. So with the availability evening consultations, it is now convenient for many to seek any medical treatments from migraines, gastric problems, fever and aches, UTI, vaginal dryness, diarrhoea… just about anything. The fees are merely few dollars or less than $15 including medication.

  1. JO-N Said,

    A yayy from me too.

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