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Frugal Spending

posted by constance

My friend who owns a small shop selling clothes said many shoppers are browsing more instead of buying. Perhaps it is the bleak economy that is putting many off from purchases. The local supermarket also sees many buying no frills or house brands of household and food products.

During this time, I received numerous calls from banks and insurance agents calling to tell me about their products. Of course, I have to thread carefully. Linda, who handles all my other insurance matters called me up the other day. She said that many are buying term life insurance instead or a whole life plan. It costs less than a regular life insurance policy because it builds no cash value. I thought this is useful especially when I have two young kids and life is so unpredictable. Then, again, I have to make sure that the budget of my term life insurance price is within my budget. I have not much confidence in insurance that are tied to some investment but I need to hear what she has to say first. Looking at the investment market, it certainly seems kinda bleak.


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