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What’s Under Your Bed?

posted by constance

It is time for spring cleaning. Have you started on it? I have been doing it in parts for the past month and I think they will never be totally completed because there’s always so much to tidy up. I bought a bottle of floor polish for my wooden floor upstairs recently. I wanted a matt sheen that the professional wood polish fellas did when they wax it two years ago. Now the floor looked dull. As I needed to move the furniture aside, it was difficult to move the bed because it was on a divan. I wish I had gotten proper bed frames when I moved in. With a proper bed frame, I can have the floor mopped and not have to move the bed. I worry about beg bugs that might hide under the divan. Bed frames are also easier to clean too. I can also pick all the lost coins, little things that gets lost under the bed too!


Sweets or Pills

posted by constance

I was at the supermarket this morning. It was packed like sardines. Everyone had started doing some Lunar New Year shopping. Lots of mushrooms, chinese sausages and waxed ducks around. Sweets, Candies, Nuts and Hamper all were also stacked up high. I wanted to get some marshmallows. Saw one that was displayed on an 8 section tray, very much like Chinese New Year candy tray. They all looked so yummy. But I didn’t get them because it was a big tray. I wanted to get some plum sweets. I saw one in a small little bottle. Gosh, they didn’t look like sweets. It looked like a diet pill, oval and had tiny speckles on it! How weird. Sweets made and bottle to look like medication or supplements and vice versa. Great to trick your kids but what if they knew what you were up to, pretty soon they might think all your bottles of real medication are sweets!

Anyway, have you done any Lunar Shopping yet?


I love Tinkerbell

posted by constance

Have you been a fan of Peter Pan? I used to be a great fan and especially loved the little fairy called Tinkerbell. When I was a young child, I had wished for this little pretty fairy much more than wishing for Santa Claus! I wanted to fly so much and wished I could.. Those were fond dreams.

During Christmas last year, my girls saw a trailer of Tinker Bell on a video shop and pestered me to get them the DVD. I did. And they have been watching it over and over again. I watched with them several times and thought the cartoon was indeed very heart warming. We even bring it with us when we are in car and watch it no matter how short our journey is..

I bought the Tinkerbell DVD on the left. I don’t have any Blu-ray player.

Then when we went for a trip to the arcade, apparently Tinkerbell was among the reward prizes for our favourite game. I just couldn’t resist playing and wanted so very much to bring home these little pretty figurines, not just for the home but perhaps, just perhaps, to satisfy my game craves and Tinkerbell was and still is, my favourite fairy of all times.

I played two rounds and hit two prizes. I chose Tinkerbell in two different posture.

Look, the Tinkerbell even has wings to be attached on. Pretty, huh?


Lazy Bones

posted by constance

Lately I am getting lazier and lazier to be online. I think the effects came during the months of Oct, Nov and December last year because during those months, I had been busy with my kids’ exam and later on busy in the school holidays when my helper went on leave. I had blogged less in December, especially and I hardly come online after 8pm. I would be watching the television till about 10pm, then switch to DVD dramas and fall asleep watching them.

When school started last Friday, I had thought I’d be back full stream into blogging but somehow I just postponed it. In three weeks time would be Lunar New Year and I haven’t really thought much about much preparations except just thinking a lot about new notes! LOL

Anyone done any shopping yet? I haven’t and I guess I need to get started with buying some new clothes for the girls first! Lunar New Year is supposed to be fun for kids so I don’t want them to miss out on anything.


For a Prosperity and Lucky 2009

posted by constance

I had been reading up on Feng Shui for the year 2009 lately. According to many Feng Shui Masters, 2009 will be a wonderful year for me. This is such a relief to hear. I enjoy many types of readings like Palmistry and Feng Shui. But I am not the sort who will take the negative and harp about it. There should be moderation in everything including Feng Shui. A friend I know applies Feng Shui in her home and is so serious about it that she will go for major renovations if it calls for shifting of doors, walls and change of furniture.

I enjoy Feng Shui, but to my advantage. I like to buy little medallions or small gems and little displays for home. This year, I read that a 9-tier water feature is beneficial but how can I fit something like that in my home. Small wall fountains would be more suitable. I really love water features and enjoy listening to the sound of water because it makes me feel relaxed.

Yesterday, I passed by a shop and bought a small little piece of medallion for wealth luck and prosperity. I also bought some jade coins tied to the strings like a mobile strap. Each zodiac sign requires a different piece. I bought one for hubby and also a crystal display for his office table. With the gloomy economy, he sure could do with extra luck at home. Whether or not they work, but they do bring about positive energy in me. That is most important. Being positive is a good sign for anyone. I want to stay focus and positive for 2009.

Do you practise Feng Shui?


A Ride on the Train

posted by constance

How many cards do you usually have in your wallet? Many friends I know carry with them a large bulky wallet and some even has a second wallet in their bags. No cash inside actually, mostly cards! I can’t blame them, really. Because of our advance technology of going cashless and using electronic money most of the time, we have no choice but to carry a wallet packed with various cards like credit cards, discount cards, bank ATM cards, library cards, membership cards or even cash cards for our ERP/Parking purpose.. Lately because the customs at the Johore do not accept cash payment I found myself even having to purchase a ‘Touch & Go’ card.. but I don’t put that in my wallet since it is useless in Singapore.

Last week before the end of the holidays, I brought the girls out for a ride on the mrt. My girls has not really been on the MRT.. and they were both really acting up like country bumpkin! LOL.. i told them they are considered very lucky not to have to take public transport because when I was studying and working, I took the train most of the time.. When you are tired after work or school, taking a train for almost an hour back home is certainly not my cup of tea. It is a usual phenomenon to have commuters getting a shut-eye on the train on the way back. And amazing enough, they ALWAYS wake up in time for their destination stops! Some passengers can be rather rude sitting on those seats reserved for elderly, pregnant and handicapped and pretend not to see them at all.

It was the eve of New Year and I had forgotten that many people were on half day so the train stations were busy with commuters.. Before we went in, I had to dig out the EZlink cards.. oh I had not used that for years.. I wanted to top up only to find out that one of the cards were expired.. sigh. I managed to top up only one card and I found out that the SMRT were going to change to another new card system on the 9th January so which means I need to swap the card with a new one.. gosh, this is the second time they upgraded the cards.

Lea got frightened on the train and clinged on to Sofiya.. Rae on the other hand is so hypnotized by the handles and wants to go for a monkey swing on the bars…sigh.. Then she refuse to hold on and wanted to balance while the train was moving, legs standing like a sumo, giggling on the way, acting really really silly… *embarrassed*

Lucky we only travelled for a few stops! We went to West Mall but it was so boring, we left for Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 after an hour! I had parked my car at Lot 1, anyway…


Rewards We Love

posted by constance

Remember the Sunday post when we were at Plaza Singapura? Well, we were in Stars. Stars is an arcade similar to ZoneX and TimeZone. Of course it also means I go there for my addiction. I had gone ‘cold turkey’ for about two months not going into this place but somehow it built up and I am craving more than ever. So off we went for the second time in that week!

Playing in Stars is rather expensive because you need to drop 5 tokens for 3 plays only. The one at I play at ZoneX is charged at 5 -a dollar coins for 6 games. But the Sunday that we played was rather worth our effort because the game rewards were large plush toys and not cute small ones. Check out the ones we got. We had 3 jackpot wins and won a very large Tigger, a cute elephant (my girl said this elephant’s name is Lumpy in Winnie the Pooh’s character) and the third plush we got was a large plush Minnie Mouse slipper.

How big are they actually?

And of course, what I wont show you are our sweets because the are just so ridiculously and definitely disgustingly shocking to show you the whole lot. A friend dropped by on boxing day and commented on our two large containers full of sweets as ‘speechless’… lolol

But I’ll show you my prizes, nonetheless…

My girls posing with the plushies. Aren’t they really large toys?

Sharing bed with her new mates..