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Does Your Kid Love the Library?

posted by constance

Both my girls love to go to the library. The community libraries in Singapore is amazing. You can find one in every town and there’s bound to be 2 or 3 nearby where you live. We love to visit the one at Choa Chu Kang because it is new, and there are lots of books and the place is so comfy. Most of all, my girls love the place because of the various activities and storytelling they have there.

During the holidays, I will register them both for storytelling that usually involves some simple craftwork. Registration is cheap like $2.00 or $3.00 per person. These include a free little bag, a small gift, some materials for arts and crafts and a storytelling session. The last time they went to the library for storytelling and craft session, it was about Ladybugs. Now they are into Ladybugs and would go to the library looking for stories about Ladybugs.

It is good to expose your kids to reading and library trips when they are young. These will instil a good reading habit in them. I love the library because I can borrow all that lovely novels too. Saves a lot of money buying but I do buy the books for collection after reading them at the library. Love to collect books at mint condition..,.

  1. mott Said,

    oh heck yea..mine LOVES the library..where got chance to see pokemon, dragon ball and power rangers for free? This bad mummy never buy those dvds one.


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  2. Tammy Said,

    We haven’t been to the library for a while, but my kids love going there.

  3. jepunlauee Said, kids also loves to go to the library..they they will start reading those books even when they are eating at the dinner table..which I always complain to them..what a bad habit..reading when having dinner at the same time…

  4. Ryan mami Said,

    hmm… i hope mine will. šŸ™‚

  5. Immomsdaughter Said,

    I’m guilty of not bringing my kids to the library coz it’s really so far away. Yours look pretty clean and nice though.

    Immomsdaughter’s last blog post..Chinese New Year 2009 Preparation

  6. Kinoko Land Said,

    count me in too, yoyo and i love library, i usually visit once or twice a week and usually go home with at 12-15 books each trip. Library also a good place to stay cool during summer and warm during winter FOC šŸ™‚

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