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Pre CNY Rants

posted by constance

One festival after another. Hari Raya, Christmas then Chinese New Year. Have you been stuffing yourself silly? All that cookies is so fattening and yet, in the past two weeks, I’ve been baking cookies and cakes like there is no tomorrow. It must be a phase that I am going through. Sometimes, in the morning after making a batch of cookies, by afternoon I want to try another recipe. I would set aside butter in the kitchen in case that silly attitude to bake or something strike me yet again and the butter is still frozen hard.

The past 4 days, I baked twice in the day, either to perfect the recipe or because I wanted to try it out. I believe by the time Lunar New Year arrives, I’d have already put on at least 5 kilos of weight. Perhaps I better go search to buy some Leptovox first or I’d have to get clothes two size larger by the time I go visiting during Chinese New Year. Time is running out and I am not done with my Spring Cleaning. Who wants to spare an extra pair of hands…help!

  1. jepunlauee Said, now can open your own shop lioa…hahaha..ah boy must be very happy..getting to eat all these snacks when he comes home…(^-^)

  2. Tammy Said,

    Preparing for holidays is a lot of work isn’t it.

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  3. Rose Said,

    I dont know how much i put since the festive, never wanna stand on the weighing scale. hahaha! Happy baking, constance. And Happy Chinese New Year in advance to you and family

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  4. mott Said,

    U just send those cookies over here…..then you won’t get to eat them…


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  5. KittyCat Said,

    Aiyo why rant? Especially with *so many* nice cookies to try! I don’t mind some hehehe

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  6. marie Said,

    hi connie, happy chinese new year to you! 🙂
    don’t we all love the festivities! and then there’s valentine’s day shortly!

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  7. Kinoko Land Said,

    ya, Hoon, same to me, the more i bake, the fatter i am. Sometimes i break, so now i am not baking fot this month or at least 3 weeks. My spare tire arounf tummy is getting horrible liao lah 🙁

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