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Original or Generic

posted by constance

It’s been two whole months and I’m killing my Pixma Printer – a slow death. I have been meaning to get new ink cartridges to replace the two blacks and a cyan. That would be a total of 3 cartridges, plus I probably might as well get the other colours, Magenta and Yellow as well. My girl had been asking me to print out a family photo for her class project since last week. And my eldest asked me to print out some animal pictures for her school project by Chinese New Year. Yet I’m procrastinating. Sigh. Actually, I was stinging on buying those cartridge inks. It would cost me more than $120 to get the full set of colours and each time I am still making my printer print documents even though it prompts me to replace inks. I believe, it might spoil the stylus (if this one has).

On the other hand, now printers are so cheap. Should I get a new printer that cost under $200 or get a new set of ink cartridges that will cost me $120? I cannot decide. This morning, as I walked past a shop selling tv stands, I saw a small retail selling those cartridge inks that are generic enough for few printer makes. I wonder if those are safe to use. I’ve not tried it but it cost only $9.90 per box of cartridge ink. Should I or should I not. That is the question…


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