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Stand By for Free Good Stuff

posted by constance

I’m on stand by mode.

I am anxiously waiting for new promotions by our local telco/cable/broadband companies. I know they give out great gifts with their sign ups, registration or re-contract of any of their services. I want to look at deals they may offer for mobiles as I have not gotten a replacement for my mobile phone yet. I am now making do with a basic Nokia mobile since my camera phone gave up on me last month. I want to get a good camera mobile and so far, the Sony Ericsson offers a good camera mobile with Xenon flash. But the prices are still not within my budget.

I hope I will be able to be patient and not go weak at other offers. Last year, I signed a new contract and got a HP laptop. I was actually torn between choosing the xbox 360 or the laptop. I hope when the cable contract ends, the next offer will be a Wii so I can go on the Wii Fit and lose some weight!


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