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Promote Healthy Lifestyle and Green Life

posted by constance

I attended an event at the neigbourhood estate held to promote health, sports and also green life through recycling of products on Saturday. Our MP who is also Singapore’s Minister for Community, Youth and Sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was there for the official launch.

I wanted to be there as early as 4pm when he officiates the opening but at home, Rae took her ‘rubber’ time doing her Chinese homework so we only left home after 5pm. When we got there, the launch ceremony was over but the brisk walking event was about to start. I registered 4 of us for the brisk walking event. Actually, we were not dressed for the walk, but I thought, why not join in the fun. Little did I realised that the walk distance was quite far and by then, we had already reached 1/3rd of the total distance walked! Rough estimate, perhaps it is about a 2 km walk and I was worried for my two young girls who were in sandals! My helper was in flip flops! Gasp! We walked and I distracted the girls with chats and told them to walk slower according to their pace. Lea, although only 4 plus, walked without complaining and even skipped sometimes. Rae on the other hand… complained in the first 400 meters, complained more in the first km. After the first km, I pop into the convenience store at the petrol station to get them a bottle of juice each. We managed to finish the walk after almost an hour. phewwwwww

Crowds getting a good warm up before the walk.

As the whistle blew, everyone started the briskwalking event.

There was a ‘getai’ concert going on, flea market booths as well as lots of information on recycling program. The girls did some puzzles and got free calendars. Gosh, we sure do need those calendars because this year, I hardly see retails printing for free. We also got Environmental friendly ‘Green’ bags for every bottle of plastic we recycle. All in all, this event was a community event that was educational and wholesome. We had free packs of Nasi Lemak after the walk and there was lucky draw too. Free Milos were dispensed. Oh I love the milo from the van.

Mr Milo Man

Nothing tastes better than a cool cup of milo from van!

Kids enjoying a meal of Nasi Lemak and watching the ‘Getai’

Getai Performance

  1. annant Said,

    i was wondering what getai is..
    then i think it in chinese..
    oic… 😀

  2. constance Said,

    ‘Getai’ is a live stage entertainment that is usually held during the chinese ‘hungry ghost’ month in October. Such events was originally performed to entertained the ‘spirits’ that are believed released for a month, during the chinese calendar of 7th month.

    With the lively entertainment, it has become so popular to many neighbourhood residents living nearby and far to come watch their favourite getai singers.

  3. Ryan mami Said,

    The milo van photo reminds me of the annual sports day during my schooling years! Oh, I just love the Milo from the van!

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