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Of Aches, Pains and Old Ladies

posted by constance

In the previous post whereby we participated the briskwalking event, I noticed that there were many elderly people who took part. We were just walking right behind two elderly women who looked about 60-70 years old. They had no idea how far the distance was going to be because at every 200 meter mark, they kept asking the organizers how far more they had to walk. Although they chat while walking, I believe they were suffering from tired or achy feet because they started to walk slower and limped after a while.

Before a km was up, we did not see them in front and thought they could have walked slower behind since the pace was quite brisk. Then, 600 meters to the finishing line, we saw them on a taxi driving past us! hahahaha¬† Some of them also cheated by taking buses! Oh boy, it was pretty hilarious, actually because the crowds saw them, pointed and made a lot of noise, cat whistles and laughters. But it was a fun walk so, no one will get eliminated anyway…

While back at the event location later, I heard them complaining about their stiff shoulders and hip and back aches and pains in knee joints. Poor ladies. Lucky for them they received some massage treatments by few ladies. When this event ended, I told myself that I better get into a regular exercise regimen or I’ll be suffering from aches and pains when my hair turn grey. I remembered how my aunt had suffered from painful joints and she couldn’t lift her arms up. She was also considering going for those shoulder pain pump treatment but ended up trying out Chinese Acupuncture using needles and supplementing with Chinese Herbs.


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